Population Class

Welcome to Population Class!

We are the fantastic, incredible Year 4 and our teacher is called Miss Croft. We have an amazing teaching assistant called Mrs Page and a rather maths-obsessed monkey (or orangutan) called Oscar.  Oscar will be visiting our homes throughout the term to take part in some exciting maths activities! We will keep you updated about where he has been in our weekly newsletter.

This term we will be learning everything there is to know about the Stone Age! We have started our learning off with a historical enquiry. We asked lots of questions about what life was like in the Stone Age and how they used to live. Throughout the term, we will try and answer their questions in our topic learning.

In class we have been learning about what our class name means. We looked at under population and how it is affecting bee populations in the UK. Look at our amazing bee art work!

Coastal Together

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